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The Ministry of Imam W Deen Mohammed wants to thank all of the Ramadan Session presenters, attendees and supporters! Thank you for supporting the vendors in New Africa Marketplace.

The Mosque Cares sponsored Ramadan Session was established over 25 years ago by Imam W Deen Mohammed. This year's intensive study weekend focused on a theme of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): The Leader for the Modern Times. During the three days, attendees heard informative and exhilarating presentations which inspired a frenzy of side conversations. We witnessed presenters speak on Allah’s signs which were shared in such an eloquent and beautiful manner, the entire room was on their feet with cheerful joy and giving hugs and expressing their love and joy of Allah and His Messenger on the occasion of the session.

For the Ramadan Session, WDM Publications released three digitally remastered titles from Imam W Deen Mohammed's catalog (H194, H195, H196) and a second edition booklet on The Schemes of Satan.

With your support, The Mosque Cares continues this annual tradition with a goal of sharing Imam Mohammed's deep insight into scriptural language. The Ramadan Session has continued to mark our focus on spiritual growth and development as we seek to understand our most sacred obligations as Allah's highest creation. 

We thank Allah for the opportunity to serve, and pray Allah continues to inspire and motivate us.